Freinet – The Education Labor Add Comment Read more By Catherine Chabrun school newspaper on 03/12/09 – 5:17 p.m. In: Gr reference text ICEM Editions technical pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> expression. -creation teaching techniques> class organization> life of the classroom teaching techniques> printing pedagogical Principles> communication> Making school newspaper the school newspaper to children many products today are created, more or less close to adults newspapers . At the expense of the term child, we sometimes tend to want to imitate the press professionals, thanks to the extension of technical means. Form of written producers children is only possible if the requested writings have meaning for them (in the same way that we now know that
a true reading can only be that of a document that has a direction ). Add Comment More Chained Duck? In a technical Building Pedagogical Eastern edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching Principles> Communication> school newspaper in January 1972 Author: Michel Corriol More Binding In a technical Building Pedagogical Eastern edited by Departmental group to review teachers teaching Principles> communication November 1971 Author: Raymond Giraud more for better presentation of the school newspaper in a technical Building pedagogical Eastern edited by a Departmental group to review teachers teaching Principles> communication> teaching Techniques school newspaper> technical plastic arts in September 1970 Authors: Andrew Bruckert Bernard Schwebel Dippert Daniel Gerard Schuster, Lucien Buessler Mariette Nomay Monique Bolmont Paul Deceuninck Pierre Bernardin and Pierrette Grosrenaud more Compilation exchange on ‘Orthog By Patrick raphe Labarriere 11/12/09 – 24:39 In: Grand West Region> GD 56 – Morbihan archive a French technical> Reading-Writing French> Spelling French teaching Principles> Communication pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> method natural I compiled the discussion that took place on spelling at the beginning of September 2009. here below and attached, so it can be used. thank you for your feedback regarding the form of the compilation (this is my first “compilation part!”). As it is a particular form of text, I used the chronological criteria. if there is need clarification, I kept all posts … I can re-draw it. Patrick cooperatively Add a comment Read more 10 attachments Limits school newspaper, advantages and disadvantages By Jean Astier 20/09/14 – 11:41 In: analysis technique Pedagogical Principles> Communication> Teaching techniques school newspaper Add new comment more collaborative school Magazine online by Jose Antonio Tome on 15/05/13 – 8:10 p.m. in: Greater East Region> GD 88 – Vosges report meeting a French technical> Scripture-reading teaching Principles> communication teaching Techniques> organization class> life of the classroom teaching techniques> print informative meeting with a “lecture” Ernesto on TBI, which missed a practice time, initially planned; But the Vosges are talkative, and this is only a postponement! Belle also met Jean Petitcolas our oldest historical GVEM member and friend of Celestin and Elise Freinet. A beautiful moment of sharing, illustrated with some pictures … 2 comments 10 attachments 1 2 next> last »
In: The Educator For teachers teaching journal Techniques> Evaluation January 1966 The reviews are in France more than elsewhere, the narrow doors through which must pass all children for accession to the various levels of education, they allow securities and patents, attested by bureaucratic recipes that mean nothing to the true guidance of children and adolescents. As a result, the School works to give not a culture but to obtain these recipes, they are called certificates of study, bachelor or licenses, and that the shape of these exams determines in fact all our teaching . Change the content and technique of these examinations, it would at the same time change the content and technique of all our teaching. This change is all the more urgent that the technique of these tests remains what it was in 1900, delayed half a century on the operation of enterprises and institutions. It is this delay that we have to catch up emergency confronting the theoretical projects expressed in books and journals, experiences and achievements of various countries, and our own experience Patent and masterpieces that could well become a cornerstone of the new organization. It is the confrontation of the work and research we invite educators from all countries, to the constructive discussions that will close in Perpignan our working year. Our Congress Perpignan will have the advantage, like all our meetings, to offer to thousands of participants from all countries to attend the largest international educational meeting of our time, the ability to measure the importance of our movement Modern School by visiting the impressive artistic and technological exhibits that make each year as to our progress. It is to this great demonstration of work and friendship that we invite you cordially. C. FREINET Summary teaching techniques> Tools> November 1939 The file No. 3 educator: November 1, 1939 … Freinet, to save essentially adopted what might be called a low profile. Bowing to intimidation, he removed from the title of his magazine Proletarian adjective, thought provocative in the anti-climate of the moment (Daladier just dissolve the PC). But the title of last minute change requires delete the word whenever we speak of The Educator in the columns of the first issue. The unusual white that result are only the prelude of those who will multiply in the following numbers … Michel Barre: Freinet an educator for our times Volume II A moving fidelity Journet dictionary Commission Mr Davau Rehabilitate our Education C. Freinet informal guidelines C. Freinet Will post us the news sheets? Questions of children self-corrective Sheets News from countries Advice for moms: clothing, feeding the children Freinet E. For the practical part of the magazine The lino in difficult classes Lallemand grammar Sheets 1 and 2 FSC 836: In Finland FSC 837: the sauna See the entire number in pdf Authors: Celestin Freinet Elise Freinet, Journet, Davau Maurice and Roger Lallemand Print
2 Results Correspondence and school newspaper By Danielle Thorel on 01/11/12 – 4:40 p.m. In: Log Internship placement French Federation> Scripture-reading instructional principles> natural method teaching Principles> Communication> Teaching techniques correspondence> free text placement Natural method of Writing-Play Add a comment Read more Internship start / continue Freinet – 2011 Internship Federation for Gaetane Bouchet on 02/12/11 – 4:22 p.m. in Region Central East> GD 38 – Isere Region East central> GD 42 -. Loire Gr Start PF account Internship Federation pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> term-creation pedagogical principles> co> consulting pedagogical principles> natural method teaching Principles> communication> correspondence teaching techniques> mathematical creation teaching techniques> o rganisation Class> life of the classroom teaching techniques> What’s new? teaching techniques> Text free educational techniques> Reporting individualized work day by day and not complete this course organized by GD Isere Loire to La Cote Saint-Andre from 24 to 27 October 2011. Add Comment 5 attachments
1 to 10 from 38 Results Strasbourg Congress – Workshop “Prevention of violence in cooperative class” By Muriel Quoniam the 26/08/09 – 11:40 In: GD 34 – Herault report Congress pedagogical principles> Communication pedagogical principles> Technical cooperation teaching> clear messages Add a comment Read more 1 attachment IMP masters of the liaison Bulletin and No. 43-44 Enhancement Classes In: Congress a grade> special education liaison master classes Bulletin CEL For teachers journal Science and Techno> Technology Training and research> Training Teaching Principles> Communication> correspondence in April 1972 Supplement No. 43-44 tHE LAND oF MINORS April-May 1972 First report of the work done in the Specialized Sections Education Authors: A.